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1120 Soldiers Field Road
Boston , MA 2134
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WBPX-TV is an Equal Opportunity Employer. In accordance with the FCC's EEO regulations, any organization that distributes information about employment opportunities to job seekers or refers job seekers to employers may request that it be provided notice of WBPX-TV job vacancies as they occur. If your organization would like to be notified of such vacancies, please contact the Station Operations Manager at WBPX-TV, 1120 Soldiers Field Road, Boston, Massachusetts 02135. Each organization that wishes to be given notice of job vacancies must provide the name, mailing address, e-mail address (if applicable), telephone number and contact person, as well as identify the category or categories of vacancies for which notice is being requested. (An organization may request notice of all vacancies).

As of December 1, 2016.

Pursuant to Section 73.2080(c)(6) of the FCC’s rules and regulations, this will certify that between December 1, 2015 and December 1, 2016, Television Station WBPX-TV, Boston, Massachusetts (Facility ID 7692) experienced one (1) full-time job vacancy, and, therefore, there has been one (1) full-time job hire during this period.

Additionally, pursuant to Section 73.2080(c)(2) of Commission’s rules, the non-job-related initiatives undertaken by WBPX-TV are detailed on the attached chart.

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Michael S. Hubner

810 Seventh Avenue, 31st Floor
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