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WEST PALM BEACH, NY – April 27, 2016 – Qubo, the only 24/7 over-the-air network for young children in the U.S., has debuted five new series, totaling 208 half-hour episodes. Dedicated to the highest-quality kids programming, more than 70% of the acclaimed channel’s offerings, comprising over 600 hours, are recognized as Educational and Informational (E/I).

Featuring engaging characters - from a boy and his super-sized pet newt to brother-and-sister secret agents to a pair of fun-loving, best-friend hippos - and compelling storylines, the new programs all support Qubo’s mission to entertain and celebrate the fun of learning; feature positive role models with good values; motivate kids to become good friends, family members and teammates; and teach right from wrong, the importance of non-judgment and how to be respectful and kind.

The new Qubo programs are:

“George and Martha” (26 half-hour episodes)
Co-produced with Maurice Sendak of Wild Things Productions, “George and Martha” is the story of two best friends who happen to be hippos. Based on the popular books by James Marshall, these dear, ditzy, down-to-earth mammals share an enduring friendship that is sometimes trying, sometimes touching, but always tons of fun. “George and Martha” was produced by Wild Thing Productions, along with Nelvana.

“Grossology” (52 half-hour episodes)
When there is a crime too gross for adults, secret agent Field Grossologists Ty and Abby Archer are called to action. This unforgettable sibling pair takes on the likes of the maniacal Lance Boil, the oh-so-creepy Insectiva, and the downright disgusting Sloppy Joe, in a variety of hilarious and exciting adventures -- that is, if your stomach can handle it. “Grossology” is produced and distributed by Nelvana.

“Ned’s Newt” (39 half-hour episodes)
What happens when Ned, a hyper-imaginative kid, overfeeds his pet newt? The amiable amphibian turns into a 500-pound monster called Newton, the most mischievous and empathetic playmate ever. Newton is Ned's superhero and secret pal for life and is always there to lend a sympathetic ear and to cheer Ned up. “Ned’s Newt” is produced and distributed by Nelvana.

“Nutri Ventures” (52 half-hour episodes)
The heroes of the story, Theo, Lena, Ben and Nina, along with their protective Guga friends, have the exciting mission of discovering seven food group kingdoms and returning food to their city, where it doesn’t exist under the rule of super-villain Alex Grand. “Nutri Ventures” is produced by the Nutri Ventures Corporation and is distributed in the U.S. by Branscome International.

“Stickin’ Around” (39 half-hour episodes)
What would happen if kids could draw their own cartoons? In this Gemini Award-winning series, enter into the imaginary creations of eight-year-old Stacy and her best friend, Bradley. Here, where thought is action, the path of everyday life can swerve into a vivid, out-of-this-world roller coaster ride. “Stickin’ Around” is produced and distributed by Nelvana.

About Qubo
Qubo®, launched in 2007 and owned by ION Media Networks, is a 24/7 entertainment destination for children and their caregivers that provides fun, quality programming to help kids develop healthy minds and healthy bodies. Qubo has received national recognition and numerous awards for its innovative advertising guidelines and initiatives aimed at improving children’s health and reducing childhood obesity. Qubo programming is also broadcast Wednesday through Friday mornings on ION Television, the flagship network of ION Media Networks.

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Sandy Genelius